Saturday, March 6, 2010

Eating Out On Stage?

No, it's not what you're thinking.  This is actually a pleasant suprise!  Not only is there plenty of good food to see and eat around the Rogue, there's actually food IN the Rogue!

No, it's not Yan Can Cook: The Wok Chronicles Musical.  Although, now that I say it, that could be pretty awesome.  Nope, it's a one woman show from the wilds of deepest darkest New York.  Her name is Carolann Valentino and she's performing Burnt at the Steak at the Starline.  She sings, does amazing changes in character right before your eyes and swears better than the most grizzled, greasy back haired line cooks. 

All this AND she can run a 5 star steakhouse in the most demanding culinary market in all the land?  This is a show right up the collective alley of food fans who enjoy the hellish humor that goes hand in hand with serving a demanding and shockingly ignorant public.  Picture a hot, corset wearing, never did heroin version of Anthony Bourdain if he worked the front of house.

So she is definately going to the top of the pile of must-see shows we're looking forward to this Rogue.  Right after Captain Scurvy's Apocalypse Hoedown Revival of course!  Some other talents that have piqued our interest include, A Cynic Tells Love Stories, Jesus in Montana (looks HILARIOUS!), The Last Straight Man in Theater, Pipe on the Hob, Merlinda Espinosa, Burning Man & the Reverend NugeThe Suicide Lounge and of course the ladies of the Fresno Burlesque Society in Carnival Carnivale.

Oh!  And I must not forget.  I was bribed with promises of indian tacos and Pabst Blue Ribbon by the cast of the Uncle Bucky's Trailer Style show to pander to their depraved rendition of scantily clad mobile home afficionados gyrating in an obscene amalgamation of dirty southern rock and the bare shanks of lite beer fed, G.E.D-lacking, trailer trash trick turning trollops!  Expect daisey dukes, inappropriate belching and music that comes from that special place you hit after the 5th 5th and right before you get your stomach pumped.  Hailed as a tour de force by Mike Upton, this kid I went to Jr. High with.  Fun for toothed and toothless alike says Mee-Maw, famed local knitting artist.

I better get those damn tacos and beer!!!!