Thursday, November 24, 2011

Eating Out A Thankful GIver

Who has two thumbs and sucks at updates?  That's right, this guy!!  And damn the excuses.  Because this isn't even a full post!  It's a pictoral preview of the the layered chili and cheese dip that we're making tomorrow for Thanksgiving!  So far the chili is made.  And the peppers are entirely from our own back yard!  That's right!  One batch is made with a chili powder made from our dried Peter Peppers and Aji Lemons, the other is made with some of the aforementioned powder as well as every other single pepper that we've grown this year with any late ripened fruit.  The first is a firecracker, the latter is a loving blowtorch, kissing you from the inside.  So here's the preview.

Now to finish simmering, cool, refrigerate and then assemble during my awful hangover tomorrow morning! Yay beer!