Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eating Out Six Months Of Your Delicious Attention

Man…the title sounded better in my head. But nonetheless! This is our six month anniversary of being a mouthy, semi anonymous, picker on of local businesses, as well as a bestower of glowing praise upon those that earn our pleasure. And oh what a pleasure it has been.

We have teetered out of bounds here and there for meals in Los Gatos and up towards Coarsegold. We’ve meandered through a few of my favorite everyday recipes, wandered through a famous arts festival and back-doored our way into a rather prestigious local food and wine event. We even got to meet the amazing Henry Rollins!

What an amazingly awesome 6 months it has been. And I can’t thank all of you folks for reading and pretending to enjoy it up to and so far. It warms the drunken warrens of our blood pumper that folks enjoy and occasionally encourage our interweb tomfoolery. And we hereby renew our pledge to continue being a travelling jackass opinion machine, as well as remembering to funnel the occasional bits of simple food inspiration into a vaguely intelligible form, that you might totally change it and make it your own.

Happy anniversary dear readers. May we enjoy many more kind returns. Non-mushy posts to follow immediately after I stop weeping like a proud mama at her first baby boy’s briss. Mazel tov!