Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eating Out A Show Diary #2

My my. Has it been a month of Tuesdays already? It’s all been so fun and such a kick in the pants that I’ve hardly noticed the non-Tuesdays flying by. And who’da thunk that it all would come together by running down to the Tower with my beard trimmer to rescue Chuck from being roached like a Shetland pony.

In the past few weeks I’ve been deep in the plush, leather clad opulence of a luxury party bus, gotten to listen to and chill with 3 amazing ukulele players, hang out at the community garden with a badass steel artist and rap with interesting folks from all over the Valley. All the while, being allowed to be a big fat show off and soaking up praise-words of nummyness. And it appears that it can only get more interesting.

Yesterday’s show had an amazing guitarist on named Nathan Hinojosa. Talk about a smoking axe stroker! His sound brought to mind the idea of acoustic Spanish thrash metal. He does this great high wire act, balancing between the traditional riffs and styles of flamenco guitar, but he backs it up with lightening quick fingering that brings to mind old school Anthrax or Slayer. Although picturing him shredding on his acoustic with a 10 penny nail spike forearm bracer sort of bakes my noodle, I think he could pull it off.

And I got to meet my second Hollyweird type director! The guys from National Lampoon’s Sex Tax were in studio to drum up buzz for their Fresno premier. The premise being the hijinks ensuing around the IRS taking over a Nevada brothel deep in arrears. (see what I did there?) And although that’s the funny part, the hysterical part is that they decided to hold a premier in Fresno because we have the largest concentration of IRS employees on the West Coast due to our local processing center. And they’ve offered free entry to any employee of the IRS. But even more awesomely hardcore, they’ve extended the same offer to anyone who can prove that they are a sex worker! I just hope that they’re putting condoms on the Tower Theater seats until the run is up. I’ll be the one watching the movie in hip waders.