Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eating Out In The Yard

The back yard!  And it's breakfast time!  How often in the winter time can one say that more than half the ingredients that you're using came from your overwintered garden.  But fortunately we've still got some peppers on the overwintering plants that are slowly ripening in the Okie greenhouse.  And there are a good number of herbs that can withstand winter's chill, as long as you keep them from freezing.  So what did we make?

Red Hot Egg O'Muffins!

2 eggs
2 english muffins
2 pats of butter + 1 tablespoon
2 habanero peppers
2 tablespoons chives chopped
1 pinch each salt and pepper
4 thin slices cheddar cheese

It's a pretty simple scramble.  Slice the peppers thin and toss into a bowl, add your 2 eggs, the chives, salt and pepper.  Beat with a fork or whisk briefly.  Add your +1 tablespoon of butter to a preheated pan and after it foams, add your eggs and cook.  Toss your muffins into the toaster and just before they're fully toasted, top them with the cheddar cheese to melt.  Then put your scrambled eggs onto your muffins and get ready to sweat!  Garnish with fresh radishes and an orange from the garden and you're ready to face the horrors of a new day!