Friday, November 5, 2010

Eating Out Your Words

Man! So I’m guessing a lot of you heard about the plagiaristic whirlwind surrounding Judith Griggs and her magazine the Cook’s Source. I’m not sure where the story popped up first, but I’m stealing my lead from an NPR story link on Facebook (feel free to check against other articles for theftery). What a slap in the gob for poor blogger Monica Gaudino! Sure, you can say it’s supposed to be flattering to get your typery into a published magazine, but when you realize they’re turning a dime on your skull sweat, you might get a tad indignant. And it was a fairly classy move, rather than seek actual damages, she just asked Mad Madame Griggs to print a bit of a confession and make a donation to Columbia’s journalism program. But the BALLS on ole Griggsy! That’s like a burglar not only snatching your big screen TV, but leaving you a note criticizing how messy your house is! If you haven’t checked out the preceding articles, it boils down to: Not only did she lift the blogger’s article wholesale, after being confronted about it, Griggs essentially said the article was crap and needed heavy editing and that Gaudino should be happy for the free edit! THE BALLS!

To steal from Bill Hicks, this lady has Officer Stacey Koon class balls. Giant, iron clad, need two tractor trailers to get them to market, sized balls. How big you ask? So big that she’s even tilting at the internet windmill of popular opinion on Facebook. It seems that their initial fan page became so inundated by new, angry, “fans”, posting their good wishes and general admiration for her savvy A&R style, that they may have decided to abandon it entirely for another, with stricter posting guidelines that only allow fans to comment on existing posts. That may seem less ballsy on the surface. However! I would point out that this wild internet hero has been making sure to rattle the Facebook cage with regular updates, screeching at the world wide wubby hourly and tossing around fun words like “libel” and “hackers”, surely with the intention of whipping up a Class 4chan drama llama storm of epic proportions. And it coming to light on Guy Fawkes day? Maybe she’s just planting gunpowder under her own Parliament; for Great Justice! Yet, is it possible that all of the latter fan flaming came from a faux Griggsian impersonator? Only the interweb knows.