Friday, April 15, 2011

Eating Out The Slow Food Week

Belated greetings and apologies!  It's been a little sparse around here lately.  Dare I say, I've been caught up with the non-internetly world for a week and a bit of change. 

First there's the garden.  With the welcome change over from frigid nights and blustery days to Fresno's brief window of spring before the blowtorch of summer, it's been time to get the pepper babies outside and soaking up some of that free sunshine.  There was a little bit of sunburning here and there but so far my burgeoning pepper family has been able to survive my inexpert handling.  And of course feeling the empty nest syndrom, I've immediately started a whole 'nother flat dedicated to the habaneros and fatalis I was unable to germinate the first round.  So far the seeds sent to me by a friendly fellow pepper lover have sprouted, but the varieties that were notorious before are remaining stubbornly underground.

Meh, I got my nine fatali babies, so I'm the happiest pepper-camper of all!

The remainder of the time has been swallowed up by hangovers, chasing after theatrical paychecks and bartending.  Yup, we had another fabulous gig over at City Arts Gallery for the Inner Ear Poetry Fundraiser.  If you've yet to visit CAG, you're seriously missing out!  I absolutely loved Aileen Imperatrice's installation that they're currently featuring.  I'd like to offer some love to the poets who donated their time to entertain the crowd as well.  Especially since they are among the best in West if you know what I'm saying.  But alas, I was in the back of house, where I belong.  Still, there was a laundry list of interesting attendees as well as participants to keep me entertained while I madly mixologied the night away.

Not the most foodly of updates...but there are some mangoes and pineapples sitting in the fridge begging to be married to some manzano peppers and fatali flakes...maybe this calls for a run to Central Fish and a swoop through a farmers market...