Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Eating Out WTF DUDE?

Hidey ho guys and gals!  It's the long lost blogger finally crawling out from underneath his sticky rock, with a new blog design to boot!  I have been absent, but not idle!  For the most part anyway.  Number one on my list has been learning how to run the Adobe suite that I recently acquired by going back over some older video footage and doing the old cut and splice.  They're not currently foodcentric, but I'll make sure to post them once they're done.

In other news, I recently announced (much to my own terror) that I'm going to be putting on a show at the upcoming 2013 Rogue Festival!  I don't want to give away too much too early, but it is going to be an EOF production, so grub is in the theme.  I'm collaborating with my good friend Jody Patterson from Ratbox Productions on the project and I think we've got a fun concept to run with.  We'll be putting out various media teases and promos as the day approaches, so stay tuned for that!

But on to the reason for the sneezin'.  Now that the computer is stable again and I have something resembling storage space again, I've gone through my photo collections and weeded out a few shots that didn't make it to post time or a few series that just didn't get written.  So I give unto you, the brickabrak file:

First from Coffee Bandits in Merced

FFA Mixer @ The Lamp Post

And another meal at Livingstone's