Friday, March 4, 2011

Eating Out Delicious Technical Failure

Who has two thumbs and just had their hard drive take a dump?  THIS GUY!

And what a perfectly lovely time for it all too with the Rogue Festival kicking off tonight.  But worry not, a sleek Western Digital Caviar Black is rapidly being beamed to me via the worldwide wonderful world of webs.  So we'll still be on track for our undercover culinary plans.  But in the meantime, there are some awesome shows out there to check out after you go straight to Cap'n Scurvy's Ragnarok Hootenanny Jamboree!

Top of the list of course would have to be the American Badass Gone Rogue, where you'll hear the most wonderful stories of true Fresno moments through the eyes of a Motor City maniac.  Next up would be a show close to my foodly heart, Burnt at the Steak.  We reviewed her show last year, but she has assured us that this is an entirely updated show with new characters and stories to tickle the funny bone of any ex-kitchen refugee and restaurant goer as well.  And for the pervert in me, there's Burning Brothels.  Catherine Glover's one woman show about theft, arson, murder and all the exciting wherewithal that comes with prostitution.  Of course, The Godling, the only NC-17 rated show in the entire festival.  And Lies My Father Told Me, the Rogue founder Marcel Nunis is Roguing his own creation!  And it's a brilliant show.

And there's a whole list of great other shows that I'll be doing my best to squeeze in.  Rambo: The Missing Years, Classic Suicide Lounge, Horse Pills and Holy Water, Magical Mystical Fun, Magician Brian Patrick, Songs 4 Pints, Hot Club Surf and of course, Rogue  producer Airplayne Jayne's one woman show that we all hope that she has had the time to finish and memorize before tomorrow.

To the participants all, BREAK A LEG!  And to all of the lovely patrons I say, SEE ONE MORE SHOW!  Have a great festival everybody!