Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eating Out Your Despair

Lee Ving said it best: "Don't despair, just because it's Christmas.  Children they, are so gay at Christmas.  All the toys, at their feet, wanting something good to eat....FUCK CHRISTMAS!"  And you too can fuck up Christmas today, with us!  On....CHUCKMAS!!!!

That's right kids!  A 3 hour Christmas extravaganza on your Central Valley Buzz and stretching into Tattoos and Music Reviews!  But there's more!  The Bullpen Cafe will be turning out some amazingly tangy lumps of hot beef!  There's gonna be bands, bands, BANDS!  And of course that wonderful sprinking of madness that the Tower locals always bring to a live show.  Not to mention, yours truly, who is going to be showing off one of my favorite recipes, romesco sauce!  So strap in, log on and hang out with us from 4pm until 7pm!