Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eating Out Your Friends

Greetings and vacational felicitations dear readers! Nothing like a three day weekend that you stretch almost to the following weekend, am I right? And christwagons I needed it. Too much sun, too many delicious beers and too much good food. And unfortunately the too many beers part pretty much ensured that I wasn’t going to risk my camera to a wild gesture as I’m describing that thing I did that time to someone who was already there to see it. So we’re blogging acapella for this one.

One great thing about cooking around your friends and they you, is that you know you’ve got a few competent folks that you can tag in when you’re dying for a smoke or got volunteered for the beer run. So the first dish I got to play with was Wilburton’s famous shrimp skewers. Not going to totally give away the recipe, but let’s just say that marinated, bacon wrapped shrimp skewers wouldn’t be done a disservice by adding a sliver of jalapeno to the wrap.

I always get a kick out of being able to watch a cook do their thing for a few servings and be able to pick it up. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I’ve been watching him make this dish for the last several years of course. And every time the plates get violated like Arnold Drummond’s dignity at a hot tub cocaine party. Even if you’re the cooker of the dang things, you’d best get yours and grub down before a wildly hormonal mother of 14 drags you down by your hair and curbs you on the edge of the deck. But really, they are that good. I probably should have suggested soaking the skewers though. That made for a fun wild scramble for some tongs!

Next up would be Mom’s brisket. She gets the raw cut and trims at home with an eye that comes from decades of careful study of the beefly ranching arts. Roasted to perfection and then shredded and tossed in her own secret selection of smoky and spicy potions and then re-bathed in the juices that it gave up in the oven. Seriously, as I type this, I could cut glass with my nipples. Mash a handful of this manna into a hoagie roll and sit down for a meat tube that has rocketed from heaven straight into your slobbering gob. Meatgasm barely hints at the delights that are foolishly tucked into humble yeast and flour. The true canny meat worshiper waits until most have headed to bed and sit up with a beer, picking choice bits from the beef pond at your leisure.

The most amazing however was also the most simple. Friend of the blog Margeurita Liquorbottom turned out her authentic Indian tacos! Much has been made of this magicockle speciality over the years, but I had yet to get a chance to sample them. Until now. Holy bouncing Buddha! These things are insane!

Having done a little research (since she artfully hides her recipe from prying eyes!) they seem to be a pretty straight forward quick bread recipe that you fry. But the result changes the form and experience of the usual corn or flour tortilla taco. The fry portion of the bread gives it it’s fluff and a nicely crispy but mildly chewy texture wards off the soggies. Top it off with some locally ranched and mashed beef, a little greenery and a few dashes of Tapatio and you’re on a holiday to cloud 9 in your guts. I was so overcome, I couldn’t muster a compliment. All I could do was offer the most sincere culinary hug I think I’ve ever given anyone since I saw a Michigander punk rocker make me manicotti nigh from scratch using only a British commando knife as a utensil. Truly eye opening stuff.

I’m lucky to have friends who are always challenging me on a culinary basis and are still fun to have a beer with. It’s the times like these that make a man understand that the word rich has many definitions, but the best measure is the person who is richly rewarded by their relationships with a vast chaotic sea of weirdos and heroes. And in that light, I’m an overjoyed Scrooge McDuck skinny dipping in 200 story money bin! So here’s hoping that all of you had a fabulous and filling weekend with those who challenge you and love you.


P.S.  Special shout out to the Teddy Bear for the rocking breakfasts!  Chorizo baby!  With real glands and everything.  Thats how you make breakfast!  Friggin soyrizo hippies...

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