Monday, January 31, 2011

The Eating Out Fresno Mystery Dish Scavenger Hunt!

So here’s how it’s gonna work. Below I’m going to give some strange and fanciful descriptions for the ingredients to one of our own recipes that has been posted on the blog. Once you know what the ingredients are and which recipe they’re for, then it’s up to you to cook the recipe at home (or wherever you have access to a kitchen). Once the dish is finished, take a picture of the finished product and include somewhere in the photo a bottle of your favorite drink. Doesn’t have to be alcohol, just some preferred drinkable. Then take your picture and post it on the Eating Out Fresno fan page on Facebook, or you can send it privately to me via e-mail.

Everyone who picks the right dish and sends us a picture of it is eligible for a prize of either 5 peter pepper seeds for you to grow at your leisure, or if you’re local to Fresno and don’t mind picking it up, a peter pepper seedling of your very own to care for. Supplies are limited and subject to germination rates and good ole mother nature, so once we’re out of supplies, we’re out. 1 entry per household please. So get your shopping lists together and have some fun!

The Mystery Ingredients!

#1: You can find me year round in most supermarkets. I like to hang out south of the border, chillin in my favorite color of green. But chill, I am not. Indeed, I’m well known for bringing a bit of heat wherever I go. Also, you’ll need 6 of me.

#2: I’m a smooth and creamy character from good ole Philadelphia PA! Some like me in the morning with my good buddy Lox. Today, you’re only going to need a half package of me.

#3: Cheesy? How dare you! Why I ought take my orange nuclear fists of fire and burn out thy taste buds sir! Just because I’m a composite being of dairy and fire, gives you no reason to mock me. 4 ounces worth of pain.

#4: Stop staring! I know that most sausages of my kind are limp and cold. But I sir am from Spain! And here we’re well preserved and rigid and spicy enough to make the long journey to the New World with my 2 tablespoons.

#5: It’s good to be a pig. It’s better to be a Spanish pig. It’s even better to be an Iberican pig from the balmy shores of Serrano. But if you can’t find me, I supposed you could deal with that Parmesan Pig that I see everywhere. 6 slices, nevertheless.

#6: Red and mild, I remind you of your Pappy, Rico. I like tablespoons and chilling out in chili powders.

#7: Hey! Didn’t that one guy try to pass me off as pot back in Jr. High? Was he from Oregon or something? Sheesh, tablespoon.

#8: Hey remember that mild and red guy? Well I ain’t mild. As a matter of fact, I cayen’t think of anything else I’d top my pizzas with. And a little of me shure goes a loooong way.

#9: Hi! I’m Piper! And I’m a pretty popular dude. Though why people like to crack my black ass so much is beyond me. I just like the attention. Use me as you’d like.

Well, there you go everbody!  Good luck and good cooking to you all!  The deadline for the constest is 6:00pm (PST) Saturday, February 5th, 2011.


  1. I Sir, am impressed with the creativity behind this challenge! I'm pretty sure I know which recipe you're referring to, but I will bite my tongue in the hopes that someone more deserving than my Culinary God Self will step up to the plate and find for themselves not only a plethora of culinary porn, but will achieve those coveted seeds (or start) from one of the most entertaining food writers "America's Breadbasket" has produced...

  2. You're a horrible flirt Del. hehehe And don't you worry none, I've also got 4-5 each of the superhots coming up right now. So come harvest time, I'll have some insanely hot peppers to share amongst the Fresno culinary community. :D