Friday, June 17, 2011

Eating Out The Fresno Chile Festival

Did I say well before the festival?  Well, it's before the festival!

As I'm sure you've heard, the Fresno Chile Festival is this Saturday June 18th at the Fulton Mall in Downtown Fresno.  There is going to be a ton of spicy insanity going on!  Like the salsa making and chile eating contests, performances by Cerro Negro, Patrick Contreras and Lance Canales, as well as tradtional dancers from extremely spicy cultures.  And food, Food, FOOOOOOD!  I'm told Regina's Native Cafe will be onsite, slinging, what I'm told, are some mind numbingly good fry bread tacos and a rather impressive kiwi salsa.  And topping it all off...ME!  That's right, they couldn't dredge up any other weirdos growing superhots around town.  So I'll be displaying a few of my backyard beauties and answering questions as well as a first year grower can.  Come by and kick me in the shin!

Speaking of my backyard bounty, I went a bit shutterbug happy in the garden today.  So far I've got a fair number of Aji Lemon and Bonda Ma Jaques pods coming up.  The Peter Peppers are going wild and a few of my experiments are yielding some interesting results.  Alas, the superhots seem to be waiting a bit before they start converting their blossoms into rainbows of pain.  But I do have one Nagabon pod that will be on display at the festival as least.

And with no further delays, on to the pepper porn!

First the bounty of hot Peters all over my back porch

Marvel at the bounty of the Aji Lemons!

The Bonda Ma Jaques

And finally, the first superhot to set pods, the Nagabon!
A few blossom pics?  Why not?

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