Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eating Out Waldo (Wherever he's been)

Top left: 7-pot Jonah, top right: 7-pot Douglah, bottom right: Trinidad Scorpion, mess in the middle: Peters, Aji Lemons, Mystery tutti-frutti peppers, red Fatalis, yellow Fatalis and a Nagabon or two.  Plus a couple bags of dried Peters and Ajis!


  1. I've been meaning to do a bit looking into peppers. They're really photogenic.

    How are the Trinidad Scorpion. They're supposed to be crazy hot, no?

  2. I've used them sparingly so far in cooking with no real mishaps. But I did initially saute them in some oil, then built a sweet and sour sauce on them. So that likely took some punch out of them.

    They're still very warm and elicit some fun hiccups. But the best part is how stingy the burn is, cayenne is like a hot blanket all over the mouth, the Trinidads and other supers are like handfulls of firecrackers going off all over, while your throat takes the majority of the blanket burn.

    But having sampled some of my tamer peppers raw, I'm pretty sure that a raw Scorpion or 7 Pot would have me gargling half and half for an hour. hehe